Which Garage Door Opener Lasts the Longest?

Learn about the differences between belt drive and chain drive garage door openers and which one lasts longest. Find out about budget options and custom products for heavier doors.

Which Garage Door Opener Lasts the Longest?

When it comes to garage door openers, the belt-drive model has been proven to be the most durable. On average, it can last up to three years longer than other alternatives. This is because instead of the chains coming together, a strap is held in place, creating a smoother movement with less friction. This makes it a great option for those looking for a quiet operation. Chamberlain garage door openers offer homeowners the ability to use a wireless keyboard, app, or remote button to open the door.

The steel-reinforced belt drive is also much quieter than a chain drive model. Another option is the chain-drive garage door opener, which is relatively quiet and has intelligent connectivity capabilities. For those looking for a budget option, the BeamUp Workhorse BU100 garage door opener is a great choice. It has a ¾ HP motor that is stronger than what is normally found in such an affordable door, making it suitable for heavier doors. It also has an infrared beam that will stop and move back upwards if it is broken. The Genie Intellicode variable code system automatically produces a new code every time the garage door is opened.

Craftsman garage door openers are private label devices manufactured by Chamberlain and sold by Sears under its own Craftsman brand. The Chamberlain B4613T has a 1.25 horsepower engine, which is much more powerful than other models, giving it the power to lift oversized doors. For heavier doors that are not standard garage doors, custom products may be needed. However, most average-weight garage doors are likely to be compatible with most door openers on the market.

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