Why are Garage Doors Taking So Long?

Find out why garage doors are taking so long from an expert SEO perspective. Learn about supply chain disruptions and how they affect delivery times.

Why are Garage Doors Taking So Long?

It's no secret that the supply chain is struggling, and it's not just a problem for those of us who work in the garage door industry. The war between Russia and Ukraine has affected an area of the world that supplies a significant percentage of the world's metal, which is the main component of garage doors and door openers. In addition, both in China and in Ukraine, chemicals used in the production of insulating supports for garage doors are being restricted. This theme is not exclusive to Clopay.

We're proud to see our doors in your home, and we work every day to find additional resources to keep production going. Garage doors are delivered across the country in enclosed semitrailers and, frankly, are very difficult to load, unload and deliver because of their size. All of our doors are manufactured here, in the USA. UU. That's why, historically, we've been able to deliver them in just a few weeks.

However, this is no longer the case. Supply chains are under pressure in many sectors, leading to long delays. Other local businesses say they have ordered garage doors months in advance, to account for delays and shortages of materials. By the end of this summer, many new homes may be missing garage doors, and don't be surprised if your garage door repairs can take weeks to complete, as there's no sign that these current supply chain disruptions are about to go away. When buying, please note the following information. Your local Clopay or Home Depot dealers can provide you with current delivery times for any door model.

We work closely with our distributors and update this information weekly. Whether you're building, remodeling, or replacing an existing door, place your order early to allow for longer than usual delivery times. We do our best to provide accurate delivery dates. The weather may change if there is a shortage or delay in the materials we need to build your door. We will notify your Clopay or Home Depot dealer if we anticipate that there is a problem with the estimated shipping date on your door. As demand exceeds supply, garage door companies like Garage Door Repairs Oxenford are frantically looking for door products with acceptable delivery times that customers agree to.

Unfortunately, unscrupulous garage door service providers can use that excuse to trick unsuspecting homeowners into buying more expensive products. Most importantly, you should drive slowly to get in and out of the garage, as the flattened panels on a car can be very difficult to replace. A properly lubricated, fitted and balanced garage door will be less likely to break or damage the panel. Garage doors delay the inspection process, mainly due to standard security mechanisms that prevent doors from closing automatically if something (or someone) comes into contact with their sensors. Buying a home right now is hard enough, but a shortage of garage doors is creating a new problem for some Americans. Something that is not surprising since the pandemic began was that supply and demand caused shortages across the country, which even affected those who had garage doors.

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